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"Dirty Linen" (oct/nov 2004)
"Overall, these wikings are a qonquering dance band and unsinkable in their happy feet rhythms.While they're solid on all fronts and exhibits a deep devotion to traditional music and culture, they are also remarkable in their cross-gender vocal harmonizing ......"

Excerpt from Dan Willging's article in "Dirty Linen"

Folkemusik i Danmark

"Jeg har altid, når valget er faldet på cajun, foretrukket to yderpunkter: Den stærke og indiskutable tradition hos fx D.L. Menard, og de fransk/canadiske søstre McGarrigle, som ikke på nogen måde er cajunmusikere, men som i familietraditionen også har dét sprog. Jeg kan kun sige, at Cajun du Nord fremover vil være at finde i samme bunke som Menard og McGarrigle: Plader der vil blive lyttet til med stor glæde og respekt."

Poul Lendal, Folk&Musik juni 2003

Swallow Records (Louisiana): (Album: "Cajun du Nord in Louisiana")

"A unique album. Cajun Music goes international with top Cajun musicians from three countries. Traditional style Cajun music at its toe-tapping best!" (CD only)

OFFBEAT Magazine (New Orleans): (Album: "Cajun du Nord in Louisiana")

"No surprise to last year's Festival Acadiens attendees (year 2000), the Cajun Music Fest was filled once again with scrapbook highlights including Cajun du Nord (CdN), the pan-Scandinavian band whose members hail from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Cajun Du Nord - "Cajun Du Nord on the Bayou"
© by Dale Johnson (California)
"This band refers to itself as the 'Cajun Vikings' - and this is very fitting. The band members come from three countries from 'Nord' - Denmark, Sweden and Norway. They travel thousands of miles to play together at festivals and on tours.
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